Easily Customized

As we have stated, our products are custom made. So, if you see something you like but want a change, let us know!

Shopping Ease

Coming Soon, we will have our products available to purchase online, giving you access to 'one-click' shopping.

Modern Design

We strive to make our products as Modern as possible. So, you are looking for a vintage product? Contact us, and let us know your needs.

Clean Products

Our Products are great for the environment. We do not use harzadous paint or materials in our One-Of-A-Kind Creations.

Ready to Ship

We appreciate your patience while we make your custom made product! Since we make everything by hand when ordered, shipping your order could take a bit longer than what you are used to.

Download for Free

It is our goal to have downloadable products in the near future, such as design templates. Check back often.


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  • "The leatherwork is simply Awesome!"

    Susan Sims
  • "Norm at Pug Leather made a custom Bass Strap for me! One of the best bass straps i have ever owned! Thanks to you, PUG Leather."

    John Johnson
  • "Thank You to Norm for the Awesome custom guitar strap with my brand on it!"

    Scott Bernard

Coming Soon! Our Downloads Section.

Check Back often

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